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Over the years we have received many messages from our customers who have taken the time to express their feelings about our services.  We are delighted to share some of their thoughts with you.

"Thank you for the chimney repairs as well as the new protective cap.  It looks great and will serve us well!"


Alan S.

"I shall Probably miss the mailman today, but I would be remiss if I didn’t include this note with my check.  I feel compelled to express my appreciation to you and your technician.  I was impressed with your patience and time in explaining the work you do.

Also, you both seem to take such pride, interest and enjoyment in your job.  These qualities seem to be lacking in so many workers.

Thank you for the photos.  They are very helpful."

Vivian T.

"Thank you for fitting me into your busy season.  Your technician did a great job and the pictures say it all!

I'll be happy to recommend you to others."


Nancy M.

"Many thanks for taking care of this repair so quickly.  The pictures really helped us understand the problem and solution."


Marie S.

"Your technician was just here and I just wanted to call and say he’s such a nice guy and just very polite and respectful and he does a good job and just really a nice guy.  I just thought I’d let you know that, it's nice to be appreciated."



Patty P.

"A note of thanks for coming out to Exton last Wednesday.  As always, your technician is fantastic!  We appreciate the drop cloths at the entry (rainy day) and hearth… a nice touch.  Everything went well with the cleaning.  Have a great season and many thanks!"

Warm Regards,

Michael & Trish F.

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