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Chimney Cleaning


Standard fireplaces are cleaned from below.  This is done by using a stiff bristled metal or synthetic brush in conjunction with a series of thread-able fiberglass rods.  The technician will set up drop cloths around the fireplace and floor area surrounding the hearth to ensure there is no mess made.  A HEPA filter vacuum will also be used during the cleaning to ensure any dust or debris from the cleaning does not intrude into your home.  The technician will clean the chimney flue, smoke chamber, smoke shelf, damper, damper handle, damper housing, and the firebox itself during a standard service.  In special circumstances the technician may be required to clean the chimney from the roof with the use of a ladder.

Fireplace Inserts

Inserts are cleaned similarly to the standard fireplace.  Similar to a fireplace cleaning, a brush and fiberglass rod combination will be used.  If your insert is connected to a liner that runs the length of the chimney flue, it is likely the technician will be able to clean your insert and flue without having to remove the insert from the firebox.  If your insert is not connected to a liner, the insert will have to be removed for proper cleaning of the firebox, smoke chamber, flue, and insert itself.

Free-standing Stoves

Free standing wood stoves and pellet stoves are either cleaned from the roof of the home or from the location of the stove inside the home itself.  This is dependent on the model and design of the wood/pellet stove.  Like a fireplace cleaning, a series of fiberglass rods will be used in conjunction with a metal or fiberglass brush to ensure the proper cleaning of the flue and stove.

Oil Burner Flue Cleaning

Oil burner flues can be cleaned from the bottom, wherever they are located in your house.   Sometimes they require service from the roof.  They are cleaned the same as fireplaces, with a series of fiberglass rods in conjunction with a bristled metal or synthetic brush.  A HEPA filter vacuum will be used along with drop cloths to ensure a clean, mess free service.

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