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Level 1 Inspection

A level 1 inspection is a visual inspection from below looking up through the chimney, inspecting the smoke chamber and flue as well as the damper and damper housing. Firebox, exterior of chimney without getting on the roof.

Level 2 Inspection

A level 2 inspection is a level 1 inspection plus a visual camera inspection of the entire inside of the flue and an inspection of the crown or top of the chimney from the roof.

Level 3 Inspection

A level 3 inspection is the same as a level 2 inspection but it includes demolition, removing interior walls, and removing exterior parts of the chimney.  These are rarely necessary.

Camera Inspections

Camera inspections are done using a scope that attaches to flexible rods.  These are sent up through your chimney flue to inspect for damage inside the chimney.  A remote unit allows us to monitor and observe the chimney the whole way up.  We are also able to capture still images as well as videos to show you exactly what is going on inside your chimney.

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